Colour my Stripes!

Colour my Stripes - Rupika Chopra

The Vibrant Stripes: 🙂

I tried two kinds of looks with this outfit –

a) Casual – I made it casual for the day by wearing an orange colour belt and made it fun and relaxed with  white peep toe flat footwear and a cool summer hat. 🙂 Hats add much character to the look and they also help us protect our face from the UV rays. Please grab a good quality Hat which is UPF Protected. UPF refers to the Ultraviolet Protection Factor. Hats have increasingly become incorporated with fabrics and weaves that produce this Sun Protection Quality. I always believe in Quality over Quantity rules the game!! So grab a good one!!

I grabbed these pants as soon as I saw them in a store in Bangkok. I love the cool vibrant  look the colour green adds to it. White and black stripes always stand out but colour takes it a notch above!! This summer, I want to play with all colours. Just imagine an orange, yellow or a red stripe instead of green on these pants – even those will be refreshing. Different colour tops can be worn with it i.e white, green, black and of course you can wear an orange or a red top if the stripe was of that colour on these pants.

In the day don’t forget to wear your best SPF 50 with the Hat. You can choose to embellish accessories on your neck and hands but I chose to keep it cool without wearing any. But a watch is perfect idea in the day.

So Perk your wardrobe up and get colourful in your Stripe……I mean Stride……!!! 🙂

b) Bold and Semi Formal

In the second look I changed my style and made it apt for dinner with accessories and a nude pair of heels. Changed the colour of my belt from orange to black, as the colour black gives the outfit more power for the evening. You can also wear a black pair of stilettos and look sharper. Carry a black evening bag to complete the look.

And don’t forget to always smell good and soulfully shine within for that glow on your lovely face. Cheers!!


IMG_8936Top – Zara, Pants – TOPSHOP Earrings – Givenchy, Neck piece – Nikki Lissoni, Belt – Hermes, Heels – YSL

33 thoughts on “Colour my Stripes!”

  1. I like how you’ve changed your look in the second one… This shows how creative you can be and how you can play with colours.. really I’m impressed.. I admire the efforts that you have put into this.👌👌

  2. I’m all for those pants too! They’re really fun! I especially enjoy what you’ve done with the first look. I could never pull off a summer hat, but I always love it when others do!

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment firstly! And I feel hats are so much about personality and fun. You can try different kinds am sure something will suit you well ….. will write on a blog specially for you on hats and style ! 🙂

  3. Amazing mix of style and colour. Will surely try this look soon. Looking forward to more of your blogposts. Keep up the great work 👍.

  4. This is so simple and effective transformation . Keep up to the good work and keep posting . Loved your styling 🥂

  5. Simply stunning
    As alwayzzzzz…Luvd all the styles m looking for lots more.❤❤❤Gd luck

  6. Refreshing, Sassy and stylish just like Rupika. Wish there was a similar one for men and ordinary mortals like me could borrow some style tips 🙂

  7. Love the pants ! the strips are not only vibrant but also bring back the romance of a era gone by ….remember the flares of 70’s ! They are stylish, retro and look cool for the summer onslaught ! Rupika brilliantly brings out their versatility showing them for a casual summer lunch to an elegant dinner date ! Keep them coming ……

    1. That’s the idea —- old school is always stylish and adds so much character to the outfit ! Contemporary and old school make it all very cool.

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