Twinning it!

Two piece Outfit - Rupika Chopra

Two Piece Outfits :

So where do I begin with my love for the two piece outfits…….They are simply fabulous!! YES!! We love to flaunt our mid – riff in that peeping combination. Two piece outfits have been catching a high wave for a while.

A two piece outfit is never a dress down…no matter what you wear, a crop top with shorts, pants or a skirt- they all look astounding.

Going back to History in the 1940’s women wore high waisted fitted tops with the A -line skirts and pants. With the start of the World War 2, strict rationing on fabric took place and the dresses became shorter. Tops became more masculine and there was an invention of the shoulder pads making women look edgy and sharper. In 1940’s most tops were designed to reveal very little skin unlike today.

Two Piece Outfit - Rupika Chopra

The two piece outfits gave liberty to women to experiment more with their looks and play with their wardrobe. They mixed and matched the tops, skirts and trousers. They could make a new outfit everyday. It became so practical and fun at the same time.

We obviously cannot forget the iconic fashion developer, Gabriella Chanel who introduced the most amazing two piece sets. The tweed jackets and skirts famously called as a “Chanel Suit” became a ritzy proclamation. And then on, the sets became popular for both formal and casual affair.

At present the rage for off shoulder crop tops, spaghetti, ruffled tubes with balloon sleeves, ruffled off shoulder tops with high waisted pants, shorts, skirts etc have possessed the mind of most vogue lovers. The diverse prints of Polka, Ankara, Flannel, Geometric, Retro, Animal etc own the power to define your vibe. It’s your style that perfectly portrays your mood for the occassion – You can choose to look classic, bohemian, bold, exotic, arty, carefree, vivacious and more.


My outfit has a casual, happy and a fun vibe. It is perfect for a lunch with friends or a sundowner anywhere. You can wear a cute headband to add vibrance to your appearance. Funky pair of glasses can spark your look up. Carry a cool colour bag that enhances the colour of your outfit. Team it up with subtle shoes so it breaks the shebang to bring a fine balance. Lock your look with an enticing fragrance and shine on …….inside out!!

Photograph : Natasha Adnani

Outfit : Shein , Glasses : Gucci , Bag : Gucci, Shoes : LYN

Suit Yourself !!



Double Breast Suit - Rupika Chopra

Blaze it up !!

Hello Readers !! Hope you are doing rather well! It has been a fabulous week for me with yoga, meditation, writing and meeting some old friends. It has been truly therapeutic to align myself 🙂 ! Gratitude to the universe!!

Moving on to Fashion, trends never fail to surprise me …..they come back very interestingly each time ….make an impact and stay for more decades just like the Double Breasted Suits. They have taken over my wardrobe this season!!

Double Breasted Jackets originated in Britain in the 19th century. Men used to wear these jackets casually to the tennis matches. They were considered to be an informal attire for office wear at that time. It was the Prince of Wales in the 1920’s, who wore it often at the formal occasions and made it relevant as a formal attire.They maintained popularity till 1950’s and became quite popular again in the 1980’s and the early 2000’s.

Double Breasted Jackets originated in the Military – with the Royal Navy. Out of necessity, the tailors had to develop a jacket to protect the sailors from the harsh conditions they experienced at sea while performing their duty.

Double Breast Suit- Rupika Chopra

Double Breast Suit - Rupika Chopra

No matter how many……decades go by, the Double Breasted Blazers and the Bell Bottom trousers can never go out of style. I have been collecting my well fitted suits in all colours over the years. Whenever I wear them they set me apart and look enthralling. I love the power that oozes within me when I “suit up”. Power dressing defines you in a very unique way. No matter how you choose to wear it depicts an image of a strong woman who knows what she wants. Double Breast Suit - Rupika Chopra

At present there is a huge shift in the trends and the Double Breasted Suits have stormed into the fashion scene. Balmain, Alexander McQueen, D&G, Gucci, Top Shop, Zara to name a few have revived the vintage inspired look impactfully. They are available in fabulous colours and prints. Well cut double breasted suits in Florals, Stripes, Plain, Checks etc have taken over the market rapidly this season. They are chic and influential.

No matter what you wear with a suit, a white T- shirt, a formal shirt or a coquettish top inside…the ensemble becomes a great pick for any occasion because power dressing adds gravitas to your demeanour. According to the occasion, you can choose to look sultry, dynamic, resolute and stimulating with a well defined Double Breast Suit. 

Double Breast Suit - Rupika Chopra

You can wear double breasted jackets with torn denims, teaming it with a slick pair of heels, funky sneakers or wedge heels and you will have dominance over the conventional dressing by far.  A jacket immediately gives you a dapper and an ultra modern look. The flared pants make your vibe retro and enhance your style…..which surely narrates some character!!

So what are you waiting for – Grab your “SUIT” girls!! You will look Astounding!!

Photographer : Natasha Adnani

Outfit : Zara , Top : Zara , Shoes : L.K. Bennett , Glasses : Dior

The Knotty Affair !!!

The knotted Affair - Rupika Chopra

I like it Knotttyy:)

I remember when I was in School in the 7th Grade, I started tying my shirts with the high wasted Drainpipes. Oh Yeah! I thought I looked so cool!!! Almost like the Statue of Liberty!!

The knotted styled shirts go way back in the 1950’s reflecting liberation from the 1940’s, when blouses were tucked in the trousers and skirts. The knotted affair at first, began by the teens, borrowing their dad’s old shirts and wearing them more fashionably by tying the shirt tails around their waists and opening a few buttons.

Menswear took notice of this trend and started to design men’s tailored shirts in women’s sizes. The check knotted shirts became so popular in the 50’s. A whole new trendsetting wave took over.

The Knotted Affair - Rupika Chopra

The knotted shirts are so retro and look super chic when worn with the high waisted skirts, drainpipes, loose denims, trousers and shorts. They accentuate your well toned waist and make the legs look longer with the high waisted shorts/denims or skirts. They exuberate a confident, careless and rebellious vibe. I would choose this style any day over the skinny tops. Knotted shirts are a perfect blend of power from the old school and present modernity. The style is chic, edgy, casual, fun and bohemian! You can choose to match your vibe and you will only reflect that in your demeanour.

Knotted Affair - Rupika Chopra

The best part about the Knotted Affair is that most prints like the Checks, Stripes, Zig Zags, Floral etc look fab when worn with the cool combinations……and yes…….that’s self defining!! You can pick any oversized shirt and knot it and you will never fail to be the Pacesetter 🙂 

I have combined this look with my cool wooden earnings woven with warm colours like green and yellow to brighten the outfit. They introduce an element of fun. The white and yellow striped shorts brighten the white shirt marvellously.


You can wear a trendy pair of pastel wedge heels or nude peep toes with this attire and you are ready to roll!!

Wear this ensemble to a fun lunch or a sundowner……and don’t forget to smell divine!!

Photographer : Natasha Adnani

Shirt: Jaspal , Shorts: Jaspal , Sunglasses: Alexander McQueen , Shoes: Gucci ,         Earings: Zara

Align with the Asymmetric!

Align with the Asymmetric

A breath of Fresh Air 🙂 

The heat of Summer can be far easy to deal with a linen dress like this one. Asymmetric style goes back to the Victorian era during the 19th century. It brings fluidity on different fabrics no matter what it is – cotton, chiffon, silks etc. This Linen Asymmetric dress has a bohemian vibe. Mostly asymmetric styles are playful and unconventional. The unevenness of the dress makes it cool, creative and emits a sense of freedom of being.

Align with the Asymmetric dress

You can wear fun accessories with it in your neck.  You can laze, walk, run around and breathe in a dress like this on a hot day. This super casual dress can be teamed up with a cool summer hat and flats. One can wear this dress with a nice colourful scarf to add some hue. A scarf with fun designs e.g. a lipstick print, sun glass, a woman’s face etc can display perkiness.

I am wearing my favourite gold leather handmade shoes from Donna Piu. They are airy and comfortable at the same time. They add shimmer and a subtle bling on a hot summer day. Donna Più - Rupika chopra

My favourite summer Bamboo Sun Hat is breathable, cool and contemporary at the same time. Bamboo wicks away moisture and it does not hold heat and deliver better UV Protection. This hat is a statement in itself!! Go grab one and don’t forget to smell good. Enjoy the look!!

Bamboo Summer Hat - Rupika Chopra

Dress : Melange – Melange, Shoes : Donna Piu, ( you can buy these on, and few more websites ) Sun Hat – From a local store in Thailand.