The Knotty Affair !!!

The knotted Affair - Rupika Chopra

I like it Knotttyy:)

I remember when I was in School in the 7th Grade, I started tying my shirts with the high wasted Drainpipes. Oh Yeah! I thought I looked so cool!!! Almost like the Statue of Liberty!!

The knotted styled shirts go way back in the 1950’s reflecting liberation from the 1940’s, when blouses were tucked in the trousers and skirts. The knotted affair at first, began by the teens, borrowing their dad’s old shirts and wearing them more fashionably by tying the shirt tails around their waists and opening a few buttons.

Menswear took notice of this trend and started to design men’s tailored shirts in women’s sizes. The check knotted shirts became so popular in the 50’s. A whole new trendsetting wave took over.

The Knotted Affair - Rupika Chopra

The knotted shirts are so retro and look super chic when worn with the high waisted skirts, drainpipes, loose denims, trousers and shorts. They accentuate your well toned waist and make the legs look longer with the high waisted shorts/denims or skirts. They exuberate a confident, careless and rebellious vibe. I would choose this style any day over the skinny tops. Knotted shirts are a perfect blend of power from the old school and present modernity. The style is chic, edgy, casual, fun and bohemian! You can choose to match your vibe and you will only reflect that in your demeanour.

Knotted Affair - Rupika Chopra

The best part about the Knotted Affair is that most prints like the Checks, Stripes, Zig Zags, Floral etc look fab when worn with the cool combinations……and yes…….that’s self defining!! You can pick any oversized shirt and knot it and you will never fail to be the Pacesetter ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

I have combined this look with my cool wooden earnings woven with warm colours like green and yellow to brighten the outfit. They introduce an element of fun. The white and yellow striped shorts brighten the white shirt marvellously.


You can wear a trendy pair of pastel wedge heels or nude peep toes with this attire and you are ready to roll!!

Wear this ensemble to a fun lunch or a sundowner……and don’t forget to smell divine!!

Photographer : Natasha Adnani

Shirt: Jaspal , Shorts: Jaspal , Sunglasses: Alexander McQueen , Shoes: Gucci , ย  ย  ย  ย  Earings: Zara

24 thoughts on “The Knotty Affair !!!”

  1. This blog has been so much fun to read! I just love the history that you bring about to each style ! The combination is retro & chic ! You have curated the whole look brilliantly …. and not to forget the bright red Scooty ! …. itโ€™s the Milan of 70โ€™s …. the culture period !

    Keep flowing & remain โ€œKnottyโ€ ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Keep flowing and remain โ€œknottyโ€ ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    1. Thanks for appreciating! The idea is to give all my readers the best display of the latest trends. The Red Scooty was a bonus….. add the oomph to the look. loved shooting with it ! Watch out for more styles coming up! Stay in vogue !

  2. Wow what an amazinggggg amazinggggg Background work you have put in all your styles and so easy to find their relevance with season. Thumbs Up to the work!

    1. Thanks so much for appreciating ! Just love the look- suiting it up this season with fab colours – do try the look out for men as well! Cool jackets with torn jeans with sneakers will set you apart !

    1. Thank you so much ! Means a lot – fashion is a passion much more than that itโ€™s so easy to style oneself beautifully – can stand out always both men and women.

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