Stripy Spring!

Stripy Spring - Rupika ChopraStripy Spring - Rupika Chopra

Linen Love :

So summer is all about being fresh, sexy, strong and fit, having hydrated and a glowing skin and yes ….. its all about colour and style and wearing a warm smile. πŸ™‚

This is my favourite look to begin with because its subtle and sexy, yet its powerful as the jacket makes you look cool and chic. Linen is what I mostly breathe in Summer. Whether it is a linen shirt worn with a cool pair of well fitted denims, shorts Β or a linen trouser worn with a t- shirt, it always looks cool. You can just never go wrong with it!!!

Blue and white is a great combination and stripes are so summery anyway… go on fearlessly and try this look. And keep your make up minimalistic and you can make a your hair into a ponytail, adorn a hair band or leave them open just like me.

Outfit : Bought from a store in Italy, T-SHIRT : ZARA,


20 thoughts on “Stripy Spring!”

  1. Looking stunning… always…….way more to go….hot…….and very well written….proud😎😎😎

  2. That’s a nice welcome to Summers ! Blue is cool and white is the minty freshness ! Thus Blue with white stripes brings in a cool minty freshness, just what the skin wants on a hot summer day ! Rupika looks super sexy and cool in the jacket & shorts. Superbly crafted out fit ! Very Italian indeed !

    1. Thanks ! Do add many colours of linen shirts in your closet – lemon, pink, orange , red , mint green , white – the list is long – they will look fab and very comfy on a weekend lunch. Linen is perfect to breathe in Summer !

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