All Bling with Ash Gupta!!!

All Bling with Ash Gupta - Rupika Chopra

Los Angeles!!! – The city of dreams and opportunity with much more to offer than meets the eye. This was my first visit to the west coast and it was a delight to see, that the land of Hollywood filled me with experiences beyond surprise. In a city known to have less soul – soul is what I found there among the people I met. The drive to achieve goals beyond one’s limit – is what L.A. fills you with.  The energy was infectious, liberating and uplifting leaving one motivated. I believe there is always a way to look at things and habitually, I choose to see the brighter side of life. I have an intuitive way of connecting with the energy of the land I travel to and my gutt about a place leaves me mostly on the right side.  To be honest, I was a bit of a lost soul in the first eight days, but I took no time to be in the flow of things. I have not enjoyed a city as much, as it was about enhancing  and discovering my best self.

Are you wondering wether I am sharing about the city or proceeding to my fashion post?  Well! hold on to your epiphany!! This post is dedicated to the most generous, talented, humble, positive, dynamic ace photographer ASH GUPTA! I cannot miss an opportunity to share how unique it was to work with this humble legend.  His thought process and conceptualisation is inspiring.  He just makes you OWN WHO YOU ARE!!!

Ash has shot with some of the most successful people in the entertainment industry – Jennifer Lawrence, Ben Affleck, Steven Seagal, Paulina Rubio, Carmen Electra, James Kaufman, Priety Zinta to name a few! 

I had the most wonderful time shooting with him and also interviewed him on his up coming series – Ash’s Anatomy. We covered the part, where I got to ask him questions about the series he shot – dedicating to the Nirbhaya case. He was torn and ashamed of this barbarous act and he dedicated three months to shooting pictures with models adorning a head gear of a warrior depicting how powerful women are. Each image had a blotch of red in it, which was his way of depicting his anger and sadness towards the inhumane brutality.  This man is all heart and his way of bringing beauty alive through simplicity is remarkable.

Nothing can replace authenticity, evolution and positive energy and that is what I brought home with me. I can truly call home away from home because of the largesse of friends like him. I can’t wait to be back and work on some amazing concepts with this luminary.

All Bling with Ash Gupta - Rupika Chopra

Bling is IN!!! 

From the Popstars wardrobe to every woman’s closet – Bling has moved places since it’s inception. You can see me wearing the blingy pants with a one colour toned black shirt. This is one of my favourite from my bling collection. The pants are fun and definitely perfect to look snazzy at a party. Bling has off late taken over the fashion scene across the globe – everyone wants to have a piece of bling in their wardrobe as it elevates any normal piece of clothing. One needs to keep in mind that going over the top does not work all the time, so toning it down is always a good idea. Unless it is a blingy dress, it is always a good idea to wear blingy pants/shorts/skirt with something subtle.

Bling reminds me of the song “shiny disco balls” – the whole world went swinging to its tunes. But Bling has gone beyond apparel, it is on shoes, accessories and even on home decor. Like colours effect our mood, bling surely does too! It is a great way to perk your evening up and yes, I would refrain from wearing it in the day, unless it is a fun sundowner. But there is no such thing as too much glitter.

Runways today are all dazzling with the sparkling models – Kendal Jenner, Bella Hadid, Gisele Bundchen, Gigi Hadid, Karie Kloss etc. showcasing some of the most stunning makes by Oscar de la Renta, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Alexandre Vauthier, DIOR, D&G, Louis Vuitton. 

All Bling with Ash Gupta - Rupika Chopra

So add some sense of joy in your wardrobe and make this gloomy Autumn sparkle.

With all my love


To be continued……..