Sailing in Stripes!!!

Sailing In Stripe - Rupika Chopra

The Breton Stripes 🙂

Ola Everyone! So If you peep into anyone’s closet, you are sure to find a Striped T – Shirt, Shirt or a Sweater hanging in there. There is almost no one I know, who does not own a striped garment. It is like missing the basics in your fashion wardrobe. Stripes are simply cool and casual. There is something easy going about stripes yet they distinguish you from the rest impeccably.  From black and white to colourful stripes they are scorching the runways for years now and in the present scenario Stripes are the real attention seekers. Skin fit dresses, pants, blazers, formal dresses in organza and silk etc. have been eye catching at the Fashion Weeks in London, Paris, Milan and New York.

Breaking the taboos of the past – Stripes have catapult itself to being chic on the high street fashion scene. Sailing in Stripe - Rupika Chopra

Stripes have come a long way from the Medieval times, when it was considered demeaning to wear them. During that time, it was a uniform worn by the prisoners, criminals including sex workers, clowns, jugglers etc. By the 18th Century, Europe witnessed this pattern as being accepted as fashionable by all. More sporty and casual attires were being produced in this design by then. Courtesy Queen Victoria, who in 1946 dressed her four-year-old son, Albert Edward in a sailor suit to board the Royal Yacht. Since then, stripes became the latest fad for one and all.


The 1958 Act of France made it imperative for the sailors in the French Rivera to be dressed in blue and white striped woven jersey’s bearing 21 horizontal lines as their uniform, known as the “Mariniere”.  This law was passed so that the men of the French Navy could easily be spotted incase of emergencies or was overboard.

The classic Breton Stripe (navy blue and white stripped) T – shirts originated from a place called Brittany in France. Later in the year 1917, the famous french designer Gabriella Coco Chanel visited the coast and was taken aback by the striking stripes on the jerseys of the seaman. She then launched her Nautical Collection with Breton Stripe Tops and Jerseys and soon it became a rage among the posh heads as well.

By then Hollywood was smitten by these bar codes and you could see the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Jean Seberg, Brigitte Bardot etc. wear them on boats and at leisure with much panache with high waisted trousers and jackets.

Sailing in Stripe - Rupika Chopra


By the 20th Century, United States also gave up the badge of shame attached to this striking pattern and it became the coolest attire for the punk rock lovers who wore these striped shirts under their biker jackets.

Stripes look dynamic worn both to work or a night out. You can easily decide the vibe you want out of a this pattern … can always team it up with right accessories and  change the look. In one of my blog posts I had mentioned earlier about how one can dress casual and formal in colourful stripes. Accessories change the whole vibe of an outfit. You can always choose to underplay or go blingy according to the occassion. My favourite stripe jersey is with blue and white stripes with an anchor made on it- it just looks spectacular when worn with white pants or shorts.

Horizontal, Vertical or Slanting – Stripes will always be the head turners !


As you all know I like to break the fashion norms, so on my sailing trip to Thailand, I chose to wear the striped shorts which were high on comfort and style. You can team it up with a cool crop top. You could also wear it with a bikini top and dazzle.

My sailing trips are incomplete without my well made UPF hat and a good sunscreen with minimalistic make up. On trips like these I love to stay hydrated with coconut water and yes nothing surpasses the glow that comes from inner bliss. 🙂

So next time you sail guys -don’t forget to match with the French Rivera style!!!

Happy Sailing !!

Outfit : H&M , Sunglasses : Lespecs , Hat : John Lewis 

42 thoughts on “Sailing in Stripes!!!”

    1. Thank you so much ! I love going back to history and the fact is everything has its place of origin. I love to go back to finding out where it comes from and how the trend progressed. Stripes are my favourite and an easy choice to pick for work with formal trousers. Black and white stripes look super when worn with formal pants and classic shoes. Love stripes now and forever !

    1. Thank you so much for appreciating ! Do add some stripes and wear them with white pants or a dress. It always looks cool and relaxed. Looking forward to read more of your blog posts aswell.

  1. Wow stunning photos of you. I love stripes too. Love the history as well. Thank you for visiting my blog! I’m following you now. I’m going to check out your other posts! (◡‿◡✿)

    1. Thanks very much! Enjoy the posts and the looks. Fashion is incomplete without the history attached to the look. Also I feel history shows us the evolution beautifully. Looking forward to share more. 🌸😊

    1. Oh ! Thanks for the compliment – so kind 🙂 yes smile amplifies everything 😊- add a striped shirt and wear it with white pants or denims – will look Uber cool!

    1. Thank you so much! I love to work out and stay healthy so yes that helps to fit into many clothes. We all can strive to be our healthy selves in whatever shape we are and dress accordingly. You could wear a cool dress in stripes and a belt to make it more stylish.
      I love wearing hats as they protect you from the sun and I invest in a good hat always so the damage is controlled in the sun. 🙂 get a nicely woven hat with a good lining. Should be comfy!

  2. What a great outfit and terrific surrounding land and seascapes. I love the stripes and the shirt you chose to set them off. Beautiful.

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