Flaming it with Flamingos!!!


Flamingos it is !!!

These water birds are more easily seen on the High Streets in the display windows of the famous brands, than by the lagoons or lakes.  Flamingos are the National Bird of The Bahamas, but right now they are the Global Emblem of the Fashion Scenario. I have been witnessing them all over the place, across countries. Brands like Sandro, Maje, Kooples, Valentino, Gucci, Zara, Banjhara, Givenchy, Topshop, ASOS, Adidas, Debenhams, Dune, Ted Baker, Kate Spade, Anthropologie and many more….. have so much to offer in the Flamingo print.

Flamingos are the Fashion Icons of 2018.

Prada has even launched a PINK FLAMINGOS PERFUME this season. I am definitely going to grab one!! One of my favourite brands for leather accessories – SMYTHSON, has also launched Flamingos correspondence cards. Guys! Flamingos are dominating the  FASHION SCENE all over the world. They are on shoes, t-shirts, skirts, jackets, trench coats, swim wear, pocket squares, earings, hats, kimonos, I- phone cases, laptop covers, headbands, dresses, bags and even on the cozy cardigans, sweaters and on socks as well. 


Pink Flamingos once a lawn ornament, has left the boring garden, to taste their magical power in the fashion scenario globally.

They first became popular as the Pink Lawn Birds. They were placed in the lawns and looked stunning, thanks to the man, Don Featherstone, the inventor of the original plastic lawn ornament. Due to the similarity in homes post the World War 2 construction, units looked just identical, so women started adding these Flamingos in their lawn to make their home appealing.  The New York Times described Don Featherstone as the man who put the Hot flamingos in the garden of the millions of working class families in the 60’s as, ” Indelibly altering the landscape of mid century America”.  He first tried to experiment with Ducks but it failed. But  Flamingos were a success, as they are beautiful birds and bring playfulness with their colour not only in the lawns but on anything. Flamingos became a Mascot adopted by the gay bars in the 70’s and in the 80’s it was at its peak, thanks to the POP Art Culture. The Governor of Massachusetts, actually honoured this beautiful bird as “an essential contribution to the American Folk Art” 


These gorgeous birds can be also found on the wallpapers, lampshades, cushions, bed linen, blankets, coasters and even on crockery. Flamingos are not really something you see in daily life – so they do bring a fantasy into your closet and home.

So, If you want to be with it, go and buy anything with flamingos made on it!!  This summer, Flamingo is like the pineapple of 2016. The designers have yet again fallen in love with this exquisite creature. Yes there is so much bird watching happening this season …….men can also find these birds on fabulous shirts, ties, pants, jackets, pocket squares, socks and shorts.


But why Flamingos ??- Needless to say – They are tall, beautiful birds, elegant with their long neck and dainty legs. The colour Pink makes it perky and yes it associates a personality with grace and fun at the same time.

When my eyes fell on this dress from Bhanjara Formentera, I fell in love with it instantly!!  Wish I had grabbed it in another colour as well, but never mind ……I will find the birds anywhere I am! 🙂 The detail on the dress caught my attention. It’s bell sleeves with lace on it, makes it retro and very feminine. This dress is a high – low one – is longer at the back and shorter in front and that makes it more doll like adding ruffles to it. You can wear this dress to a fab lunch with friends or a date – it’s got something cute about it!


From US to Australia, Famingos are Flaming it!!!! what are you waiting for …….Go Grab your Flamingo 🙂 !!

Outfit: Banjhara Formentera ( a brand from spain – you can check out their instagram page )

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  1. Very nice pics and well penned !! Who takes these stunning pictures of the more stunning girl ?!?

  2. Very stylish! Love the print and i also love the real flamingo colour rosy pink and feathers grey.

    1. Thank you so much ! Grab yourself anything with Flamingos and your with it ! I loved this dress because of it’s colour – the grey and pink stand out well. – 🌸

      1. Oops..
        Just busy in traveling..
        Sorry for that…
        I want to call you.
        “The Sexiest woman on WordPress.”
        Can I?… 😀😀😆😆

  3. Hey Rupika, I just discovered your blog and gosh it’s amazing……!! Instantly followed 😀
    You look gorgeously stunning in this dress. The pictures are doing full justice to the fabulous dress……
    I am a DIY blogger and I just love Flamingoes. So I have attempted to make a flamingo themed clutch bag.
    Would really appreciate it if you go through the post and share ur valuable feedback…. 🙂
    Here’s the link https://diyempress.wordpress.com/2018/09/09/diy-painted-flamingo-clutch-bag/

    1. Hi Aditi, thank you so much for the appreciation! Yes I love Flamingos too and also I they have been the fashion icon this summer. And I saw them everywhere – on bags, shoes, clothes hats, bikinis and much more ……. I am glad to have found each other here. I am following you and would love to carry your creations!

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