Ruffle Truffle !!!

Ruffle Power - Rupika ChopraRuffle Power - Rupika Chopra

Ruffle Power :

When you adorn yourself in a “ruffled” attire, you embrace a legacy! The “ruffle” was once worn by royalty of both genders to represent strength and power. They originated in Spain in the 50’s. Initially the “ruff” was a piece of clothing worn around the neck in the 16th century by the aristocrats and were made of fine linens, silk, lace etc decorated with gold, silver and fine silk. It was an important fashion accessory kept with utmost care. The “ruff” was further added to the cuffs and the sleeves of the clothes that added glamour and made a feminine fashion statement in more years to come.

Ruffle Power - Rupika Chopra

Ruffles became quite a rage in the pop culture in the 70’s, famously called the “Puffy Shirts” and more so the “Poet Shirts”. And look at them today – ruffles aren’t going anywhere – they have successfully ruffled the test of time and look so stylish even in the existing hour. They add an unmatched oomph to an attire. Both men and women can wear them effortlessly.

My mind propels me to think of the glamorous Flamenco Dancers inΒ their flattering cuts and sultry flowing ruffles, creating euphoria among the people. Yes! Ruffles do have that magic!! A ruffled shirt makes you look regal if worn to match the occasion. Enchanting designs by Dolce and Gabbana, Jenny Packham, Alberta Ferretti, Roberto Cavalli, Altuzarraand many more have revived the Spanish glamour fabulously.

Ruffle Power - Rupika Chopra

I fused my wrinkled frill shirt with my favourite High- Low flounce skirt from Sandro. It adds style with a hint of sensuality. You can also wear a ruffled shirt with flared denims and look retro. Or team this skirt with a classic well fitted shirt and look chic.

My shoes add an edgy vibe to the apparel which reflects my assertive disposition.

Enjoy the look and don’t forget to smell hypnotic!


Shirt : Fucci FWI ( local designer from france) , Skirt: Sandro Paris , Earings : Zara , Shoes : Jaspal

Photograph : Natasha Adnani

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  1. Wahooooooo… seΓ±orita……………..tooooo πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

    1. Thank you so much! Try this look out – you can keep it simple with a plain white shirt as well or try the ruffled top with torn bell bottoms. You will look cool!

  2. I wonder How cute and hot you are looking in this dress at the same time ……..😍😍😍😍😍..!!!…
    I can’t stop watching you….

      1. You’re most welcome Girl… 😚😚.
        You’re doing Great.
        Honestly, I have become the fan of your this one look…
        Soooo adorable….😍😍😍❀❀❀❀

      2. Thanks so much! The idea is to always look classy no matter how hot the look is ! Grace can be in any outfit ! Watch out for more styles coming up:) thanks so much for your appreciation!

      3. Great Idea πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘…
        And pleasure again…

  3. This is my favourite look of the blog!🌸
    How cute is that skirt . You’re slaying it ❀️

  4. Article intΓ©ressant et bien Γ©crit, j’ai appris le langage derriΓ¨re les “volants” Γ  la faveur de cet article et je t’en remercie.
    Et toute mon admiration va Γ  la photographe ainsi qu’au modΓ¨le qui font montre d’un talent visuel chatoyant.

      1. Interesting and well written article, I learned the language behind the “flying” in this article and I thank you for it.
        And all my admiration goes to the photographer and the model who show a shimmering visual talent.

      2. Oh wow! Thank you so much for those amazing and encouraging words – they mean so much to me . The effort to write that ! Thank you again. I strive to do my best and I hope you like the next blog work coming up:) have a brilliant day ! 😊⭐️

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