Vogue Your Work Up!

Vogue your work up- Rupika Chopra

Work in Style never goes out of fashion:

Grey is a cool, neutral and a balanced colour. It is mostly associated with formal, professional, classic, elegant and sophisticated dressing. It is a timeless colour that reflects maturity and responsibility. It often is associated with being a boring colour. That is where the magic of great cuts and design come into play. No matter how boring the colour Grey is …..it can look interesting when worn with some flair.

This is one of my favourite dress that can be worn to work, mostly with a well cut black jacket on. This dress is classy and chic and grey adds seriousness to the look. The belt gives it a statement and makes the ensemble perfect for a whole day at work. You can wear this dress to a conference or a work lunch/ dinner meeting. Vogue your work up - Rupika Chopra

I am simply in love with the different shades of grey. Infact a lighter toned dress, or a skirt/ pants worn with a white shirt look super elegant and decorous. I love the fact that we can wear this colour in summer and winter exquisitely. During winter you can wear a pair of black stockings with any well fitted grey dress and look discerning.Vogue your work up - Rupika Chopra

So add some spark with the way you wear this neutral shade because grey is here to stay!!! And who says Grey is boring ………We all love shades of grey πŸ™‚ !!!

Dress: Zara, Shoes : Cole Haan, Belt : Hermes

35 thoughts on “Vogue Your Work Up!”

  1. This is absolutely classy!! I love how you are carrying such neutral colour this even can be worn casually!! I’m totally in love with this look of your’s!!!

  2. Hey Rupika. The way you think & write.. it is as beautiful as your looks. You are such a beautiful person & thats seen in your aura!! Thank you for sharing your style and thoughts. You are genuinely one of the most beautiful, hot & charming person i know πŸ™‚ 😊 thank you!

  3. just a note of gratitude, thanks so much for your numerous likes of my posts.. it invites me to reflect back upon them in memory. And I adore your tributes to the color grey, this one from last spring and your more recent one. You wear it so well, without coyness, simply direct. It is so interesting and sensitive what you’ve said about wearing lighter grey outfits: that it makes you feel confident, dominant. bonjour! πŸ™‚

    1. How kind ! Thank you for all the appreciation and compliments πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‹I love the colour grey, I feel it has so much to express. It’s a powerful neutral colour. More than that any colour can make you look fab if worn in style and aesthetic sense. Looking forward to share more and more on styles and fashionπŸ¦‹

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